Find a Resolution to Your Emotional Situation

Find a Resolution to Your Emotional Situation

Partner with a family law attorney out of Winter Garden, Florida

It’s imperative to have a compassionate and hardworking attorney on your side for your family matter. Otherwise, you could be subjecting yourself to a great amount of heartache and frustration. The Law Firm of Jeffrey A. Conner Esq. is proud to support individuals and families around Winter Garden, Florida with their family law needs. Jeffrey has 25 years of experience with cases involving:

  • Child custody and support
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Property division
  • Child dependency
  • Child paternity

Jeffrey A. Conner uses his experience and skills to help his clients come to a constructive solution based on their needs. He understands the sensitive nature of your case. He will make sure to keep you comfortable and updated on every aspect of your situation.

There’s a way to avoid more heartache

Do you (and the other party) want to avoid going down a bumpy legal road? Consider mediation. Mediation allows for two parties to settle their differences in a more cost- and time-effective manner. It is a favored alternative for resolving personal and financial matters. If you’d like to work toward an agreement to address issues outside of the courtroom, contact a trusted family law mediator today at 407-654-4602.